It’s time for a celebration: rom coms are back with the new movie The Bounce Back starring Shemar Moore and Bill Bellamy. The actors recently joined New York City moviegoers for an exclusive screening of the film at an event hosted by Boss Bride founder Charreah K. Jackson.

Moore wrote the script for The Bounce Back over 10 years ago and serves as star and executive producer. After receiving rejections from Hollywood for the film, Moore turned to his fan base and fundraising website, Indiegogo, to raise money for the movie. Fans, family and friends donated $630,000 and gave Moore the opportunity to produce.

The Bounce Back, a romantic comedy, is about love, heartbreak, healing and friendship. It is through the relationships of dating expert Matthew Taylor (Shemar Moore) and professional therapist Kristin Peralto that the viewer learns of the causes and effects of falling in love and “bouncing back” after tough break-ups.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie was Taylor’s surprise visit to Peralto’s office after making an appointment under a false name.

He was begging her to join him on his book tour. We sat on the edge of our seats in the theater and I whispered “Go Kristin, just go.”

Later in the movie, the audience was able to witness the once controversial relationship between therapist and self-proclaimed relationship guru, unfold into a magical connection.

During one scene, Taylor called Peralto asking her to come to her window. When she arrived, he told her to “Put on something cute,” so they could grab dinner.

Men and women go through tough breakups and The Bounce Back provides an insight into a man’s point of view on dating, love and heartbreak just as it highlights a woman’s take on things. Shemar Moore, Nadine Velasquez, and Bill Bellamy give some tips on how to spend your holiday “bouncing back.”




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