Did you know you are born with all the eggs for future children that you will have for a lifetime?

I had an incredible time exploring the world of egg freezing for ESSENCE in a story called #BabyRaincheck that has been picked up by Time magazine and Good Morning America. The story highlights the option of egg freezing and latest technology through the journey of my mentor and friend Tai Beauchamp, who decided to freeze her eggs last year at age 35.

At dinner  with a friend this week, she told me after reading the article she had decided to freeze her eggs and her company was covering 80% of the cost. Woo hoo!!

Recently, Facebook and Apple both announced they will be covering the service for female employees. This is GREAT news. Egg freezing does not take away from the time a woman will need to care for children. It DOES provide women more options on when they want to start their family and alleviates the stress of a ticking biological clock. Because after interviewing experts and doctors around the country, I know the clock is very much a reality.

See the Good Morning America Clip here.

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