Publicist Jenea Robinson wrote about her grandparents’ 50+ year marriage on Facebook last year, we were intrigued. When they celebrated their 60th anniversary, we asked for details. Here Jenea shares how her grandparent’s marriage impacts their family – and her grandmom’s words of advice for happily ever after.

Back in the Day.My grandparents are definitely a reflection of the old school. They don’t talk too much about their relationship and are very private. A lot of us young couples don’t have enough faith in our own relationships so we take our problems to our friends and families, and everyone else but our partners. My grandparents are rocks for us and our example on making love work. We have been taught to work it out no matter what! There has only been one divorce in my family ever and we don’t see it too often.

A Look Ahead.
Despite my parents’ and grandparents’ successful marriages, my thoughts on marriage sadly match up with the headlines. They come from a different universe and times are just different. I do have faith that I will get married but it is a leap of faith because the odds are against me.

Grandma says . . . .
I recently asked my grandmother what makes their relationship work. Her simple reply: compromise, patience and God. You gotta love that!

How have the relationships in your family influenced you?




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