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Would You Say ‘Yes’ to These Marriage Proposals?

These proposals have been circling online and I had to share. First up was a very public proposal at a party. In front of the crowd, the would-be-groom has a Ruben Studdard-esque singer serenade his lady. As she looks on with wide eyes and no smile, he gives this speech.

“I love you so much. You are the woman I need. You are the woman I want. You are the woman I have to have. I can’t go back in time to change anything that I have done. But I know for a fact that I don’t want to wake up another day without you by my side.”

Then he drops to his knee. The crowd goes wild. He asks her to marry him. Someone yells don’t embarrass him. She pushes the ring box away and tells him to get up. Women yell they will take it. We read her lips: “You can’t fix it.”

It’s obvious he has messed up in a major way and thinks this grand standing apology will indeed fix it. If three sentences into asking me to be your wife alludes to craziness in the not-so-distant past, we have a lot more to talk about than peonies and place cards. The problem is you can’t combine the needed repair to a broken relationship by asking for a lifelong commitment – and joining my credit. How can I pledge forever if I’m not sure about tomorrow?

The Almost Proposal:

My guy friend who posted the video says she should have said yes to not embarrass him. That would have been the easy way out to ignore the obvious obstacles to this fragile relationship for a flashy ring. And also sending the message to more guys that the road to redemption is an apology and dangling of a diamond.

Well, maybe so according to Jennifer Hudson’s video for “No One Gonna Love You”

A toned and gyrating Jennifer Hudson wakes up to her sexy man and has to remind him it’s their anniversary. He leaves and she cleans up his clothes off the floor and pizza box left around. She then gets dressed up and heads to the restaurant for dinner. Just as she is about to get out of her car, he calls to cancel. She goes home livid and opens the door to him with balloons and a romantic surprise. He pulls her angry self into a hug and slips the ring on her finger. My girlfriend and Jennifer found it romantic. I wasn’t so convinced and saw a lifetime of cleaning flash before her eyes.

Would you say yes to these proposals?

Happy Mating Season! Secrets for Survival

You’ve made it to the close of the year, making it officially mating season, where your love life decisions are on front street from the time you show up at Thanksgiving dinner until Valentine’s Day. With the flood of inquiries from love ones and engagements in your newsfeed, we’ve got you covered on how to survive with a smile.

Focus on Your Goal. In the season of Netflix and chill, you have to be clear on what you are in the market for and share your desires early. If you are fine with a midnight lover and no Christmas gift, rock on. But if you are in the market for something serious, don’t settle for no commitment.

Like and Love. When yet another of your friends or family members posts ‘He went to Jared’s alongside her new rock, fight the urge to roll your eyes and send her a message of congrats. It may not be your turn to a bride just yet, but one day it will be! Karma is real.

Ready Your Reply. It’s inevitable that Aunt Barbara will want to know what’s going on in your bedroom and womb. Get centered before spending time with family this season and get clear on your answers. Whether the sweet: “I haven’t met that someone special yet, but know he’s out there, and getting ready for our life together.” The subtle: “Did you know Tamara and Derrick split up?” Or the mic drop: “My vagina is not up for discussion today. Please try again tomorrow.”

Sync Your Story. If you are in a relationship, the pressure can be even more intense on when you moving to the “next step.” If you are dating, it’s when are you two marrying. If you are married, it’s when is the baby coming. Before social engagements, chat with your boo on your responses so you aren’t caught in mixmatched tales.

Dear Sexy Husband. When in doubt, write it out. If you find yourself feeling anxious after opening a cute holiday card of a cute dad and chubby baby, channel those nerves into prose for your future family. Write a letter to your husband or future family telling them about your experiences this season and what adventures you are excited to experience together.

Get Hooked Up. Commit to going on at least one blind date this season if you are in the market. Coupled up friends and coworkers make great matchmakers of people who might be compatible that you’ve never met.

Be a Facebook Flirt. One of the best technology updates for singles is the invention of Facebook Graph search. You can meet new bachelors by searching friends of your friends alongside common interest like Kendrick Lamar or NPR.

Refresh Your Photos. Spending more time inside is the perfect time to update your online persona. In addition to dating websites, add new photos and info to your Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram bios. You never know who is watching, so give em something new to see.

Cubicle Confessions Ahead. As many jobs pick back up after summer, it can be tempting to consider an office romance as you spend more time at work. Have an exit strategy before taking things further with the cutie that recaps Minority Report with you Tuesday mornings.

It’s Just a Season! Do not feel pressured to make a rushed choice on one of the most critical decisions of your life: who you share your body and bed with! The season will change but the choices we make can have lasting results.