I recently spoke at Harlem Children’z Zone Career Day. One of the questions I was asked most about working with entertainers and what the experience was like. I reminded them people are people, and thats the same for celebs. Here’s more of what it’s really like, as I shared with the WEEN Academy.

 Two things I wish someone told me about the entertainment business:

#1 Mind your money and know your  worth!  In such a  competitive and creative field,  sometimes you feel the pressure to take what you can get when it comes to money. It’s important as young women to know the standard rate for any service you are providing and require it. Just because you are doing something you love and would do for free, does not mean you should.

#2 Remember what makes you special! Starting out we often feel the need to assimilate and blend in with the  people we are around and want to  be near. It ‘s important to gel with your work environment, but also bring that  something that makes you unique.  Especially as young women, let your youthful energy and insights into your demographic, be a perk and asset to your team.

One thing that bothers me most in entertainment:

That we has women don’t always know our power, and enforce it.  Our support has made the difference in the lives of so many entertainers, yet many of these performers feel comfortable to say and do things completely inconsiderate and disrespectful of us.

The biggest positive change I see in entertainment:

Our beauty and diverse talents are being celebrated! Lupita. Drops mic.




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