Scandal has been doing more fixing on the rights of women then solving cases these last few weeks and I love it! But few moments in television have had me nodding my head in agreement and tweeting in a frenzy than First Lady Bitsy Cooper who took over the White House and our televisions when her husband and former president dies. And she quickly let’s it be known that she was really running the show during her husband’s eight years as commander in chief. B1PVHyQCUAEXfhr.jpg-large

Her convo with FLOTUS Mellie on her and her husband’s presidency:

“They didn’t know about ADD back then, but Coop could barely sit through a two-page briefing, God love him. On top of which he was never the brightest bulb. I strengthened the military, I pushed the tax code through, I negotiated the Baltic Peace Accords,” admits former First Lady Bitsy Cooper. “You think those boys would ever admit they were being bossed around by a Tri Delt from Tuscaloosa for eight years? I did all of it. And what will I be remembered for?”

“You will be remembered as one of our nation’s greatest First Ladies,” Mellie says to comfort her.

“I will be remembered as the wife of a man who did something with his life,” she replies.

Bitsy represents generations of women who never had a chance to truly shine and share outside of the men of their lives – and were smart enough to use their influence over their men to create real change. Both my grandmothers were a lot like Bitsy, letting their men stand out front while they orchestrated masterful support and influence.

Boss brides know it’s fine to let your man believe he is the head of the relationship because she is the neck. Now try to move your head without your neck . . .

Raising my Gin gimlet to the Bitsys of the world and grateful to live in a time where women get more shine.





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