How you doin’? We are doing fabulous and have some amazing news to share. Daytime diva and boss bride Wendy Williams will be offering exclusive clips from her juicy Hot Topics segment for the Boss Bride community this season! First up is her take on Patti LaBelle’s recent concert, where she checks a fan who starts to strip on stage – and cause him a B*tch. Gasp. Watched the clip below and Tell us: Was Patti right for reclaiming HER stage or was it inappropriate to curse at work and snap on a fan who paid to attend?

I clutched my pearls, but figured at 71, Patti LaBelle can do as she pleases. Though as someone who’s been cussing more than usual, it made me want to get more disciplined on when and where to use my four letter words.


What say you? Did Aunti Patti cross the line?





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