“Why you wanna fly blackbird you ain’t ever gonna fly

No place big enough for holding all the tears you’re gonna cry

Cuz your mama’s name was lonely and your daddy’s name was pain

And they call you little sorrow cuz you’ll never love again”

I am a big fan of Gina Prince-Bythewood. She is the ultimate #bossbride as an incredible writer and director for some of my favorite films including Love & Basketball, Disappearing Acts & The Secret Life of Bees. And her new film Beyond the Lights, the love story of pop star Noni and cop Kazam, is incredible.

When you sit down in the theater to watch it, and you better go see it, buckle up to ride with two dreamers.

Noni is a girl who has spent her whole life wanting to be a successful singer and has fit herself into the tight confines of what it takes to be the hottest new pop star. Kaz is a cop hoping to be our generation’s Obama. Then love unexpectedly happens. Oh shit.

Finding love is often characterized as romantic. But for a dreamer with big plans, falling in love can be terrifying! Surrendering to love has the power to take you off the path you so meticulously planned for yourself.

And as a dreamer who fell in love, I could relate entirely to the film. No I haven’t dangled off a balcony like Noni, but I know the fear that comes with letting someone see all of your soul and the vulnerability that requires.

And smart dreamers know love can be your greatest asset. It took Gina seven years to get this film made with her husband and partner Reggie right by her side. Gina’s first gig after UCLA was a writer for A Different World. During her first week she met fellow wrier Reggie. The two quickly bonded and celebrated 16 years of marriage this year.

Gina+Prince+bythewood+Beyond+Lights+Premiere+yPP6yqZmQCLlThere are so many things I enjoyed about Beyond the Lights from the plane scene to journalist cameos (Gayle King, Roland Martin and even that dude Don Lemon) and amazing music from Nina Simone & India.Arie. But the thing I was most excited to see in this movie was the hard truth that having the love of someone else will never be enough to fill the void of loving yourself.

As someone who is often asked told “hook me up,” the truth is until you love everything about you, it will be hard for someone else to do it.

And when you do love all of you and discover the love of someone else, it is better than any dream.




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