Many Japanese women have contributed to the rise of the matchmaking and wedding industries in the country, following the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami that claimed more than 14,000 people in recent years.

Miyuki Uekusa, a Japanese matchmaker, shared that phone calls about her services have gone up 30% since the catastrophe.

“After experiencing the tremors and repeatedly seeing the tragic images on TV, they felt the fear of being alone and wanted to find a partner in life,” Uekusa told CNN.

As we already know, Beyoncé fans aren’t the world’s only single ladies. The trend for Japanese women before the quake was enjoying the single life.

“Seeing heartwarming scenes of couples and families staying together in the face of recent tragedies has made many single women realize the importance of relationships,” said Japanese psychiatrist Ritsuko Matsui to CNN.

The new closeness and want for family and mates in Japan has caused the boom for the wedding industry, as much of the country’s economy still works to bounce back. Though luxury buys are down, wedding and engagement rings are holding strong.

Looking to Japan and tragedies in our own country and neighborhoods is a great reminder to appreciate those who mean the most to us while we can.




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